guida ufficiale della Provincia di Pavia

Between the Ticino and Po

A 100 km long water themed itinerary taking tourists on a fascinating journey through environmental, historic and cultural heritage.

The Integrated Area Project Fra il Ticino e il Po: alla scoperta di acque e castelli (From the Ticino to the Po: discovering water and castles) which Pavia Province is promoting is a PIA Integrated Area Project covered by ASSE 4 - Tutela e valorizzazione del patrimonio naturale e culturale of the Lombardy Region Operations Plan (POR) designed to implement the European Regional Development Fund (FESR), in the context of EC 'Regional Competitivity and Employment' goals.

This was designed by Pavia province together with local people and their main representatives. From Vigevano town, in concrete terms the gate towards Milan and Expo Milan 2015, the itinerary passes through the whole of Pavia province as far as Piacenza and Lodi provinces to the east.

It has been designed to intersect with Milan's Navigli canals and take tourists directly to the regional capital and the Expo Milan 2015 exhibition centre. It is made up of 20 projects in all with 14 partners and almost ten million Euro of investments set aside with the objective of a completion date before the end of 2015.

The goal is to transform the area, make it a better place to live in for local residents and user friendly and attractive to visitors who want to combine cultural visits with walks and bicycle trips in the natural environment. And all this in view of Expo 2015 when millions of visitors will come to Milan wanting to discover a region with a thousand, wonderful faces. The itinerary will be waymarked with information boards bearing a logo designed especially to express the region's pluralist identity and the salient characteristics of the area between the Ticino and Po rivers.

Rafting sul Ticino

Rafting, canoeing and kayaking: Ticino River trips suitable for the whole family as well as schools and summer centres.

Rafting on the Ticino River

Rafting, canoeing and kayaking: Ticino River trips suitable for the whole family as well as schools and summer centres.

Itinerary Along the Walls of Visconteo Castle

Renovation and refurbishment of decaying or disused urban areas along the walls of the castle.

Zerbolò: The River Route cycling and trekking itinerary

The theme of the River Route is water as the primordial basis of life. This is also an Expo 2015 theme placing water and feeding the planet centre stage. The objective of the River Route is to promote the rediscovery of the natural and cultural environment returning to the principles of conservation and environmental protection sponsored by Parco Ticino and environmental associations and shared directly with local communities.

Chignolo Po: Cycling and trekking route

An important infrastructure project ensuring safe cycling both inside and outside town areas. The site of the project is Chignolo Po and its villages - Lambrinia, Alberone and Bosco.

Ciclovia del Po - The Po Cycle Track

The Ciclovia del Po passes through Mezzanino, Albaredo Arnaboldi, San Cipriano Po, Portalbera and Arena Po.

Vigevano: The Lucio Mastronardi Literature Route

A cultural - literary itinerary exploring the town's facilities in an integrated way: its historic buildings, roads, views, customs and traditions which shaped the writings of twentieth century writer Lucio Mastronardi.

Belgioioso Castle

Belgioioso castle was founded by Galeazzo II Visconti in the second half of the fourteenth century. It was dear to the ducal court which banned hunting in the area and enjoyed spending time in it. This is the origin of the name. Today the castle plays host to a great many events.

Centro Culturale Agostiniano di Pavia

L’Ordine Agostiniano promuove presso la basilica di S. Pietro in Cieldoro a Pavia, ove sono custoditi i resti mortali del vescovo e dottore della Chiesa S. Agostino, un Centro Culturale Agostiniano, intitolato al Sommo Pontefice Benedetto XVI, a motivo della particolare incidenza del pensiero e della spiritualità agostiniana nel magistero apostolico del Santo Padre. Lo stesso Santo Padre, in occasione del pellegrinaggio che ha effettuato nella basilica di S. Pietro in Cieldoro a Pavia presso l’urna di S. Agostino il 2 aprile 2007, ha benedetto il progetto e la prima pietra del Centro.

Parco Vigevano Info Point

Creation of a park info point inside the former Sforzesca school in Vigevano

Lanca Ayala - Vigevano

Ayala oxbow lake requalification

Bereguardo Castle

Bereguardo Castle is an imposing Visconti style manor house dating to the 14th century in the centre of the town with visible remains of the old moat around it. It is square plan but with an unusual U shape because the whole north wing is missing. Today it hosts the town hall and public library and still conserves traces of the presence of Filippo Maria Visconti. One of the windows of the north wing bears a FM.

Pavia - Lungo Ticino

Completion of the town's cycle track network and links with the Ticino cycling and walking routes.


Creation and renovation of the area's footpath network and culture and nature trails. The area under consideration is a strip of land between Ponte Spessa-Arena Po and San Zenone at the height of the Olona River estuary.

Chiesetta di San Damiano - Valle Salimbene

The church is in Valle Salimbene in the southern part of the province. In 1871 Motta San Damiano village was joined to Valle Salimbene which had historically been an autonomous area. In the Visconti era it was on the road reserved for the Dukes of Milan joining the Pavia and Belgioioso castle parks, the hunting and holiday residences of the ruling aristocratic family. At the time it was on the Romea road. Now it is on the Via Francigena and part of this latter itinerary as well as of the cycling and walking and vehicle access roads.

Monticelli Pavese

Functional renovation and environmental requalification of an open air site near the town centre and the town hall.

Visconti Castle

The Visconti Castle was built on the orders of Galeazzo II Visconti in just five years, between 1360 and 1365, to a project by the architects Bernardo da Venezia and Jacobello Dalle Masegne. The imposing building welcomes visitors with its graceful gothic lines and elegant double lancet window. Inside it is possible to admire the splendid decorations with events from the lives of the Visconti family portrayed against a starry background in the ‘Sala Azzurra’, the figures of the dead Christ and the saints in the original chapel on the ground floor, the wallpapers and the female images on a backdrop of roses.

The Treasury At The duomo

Il Museo del Tesoro del Duomo, di proprietà della Chiesa Cattedrale di Vigevano, possiede un patrimonio artistico dell’età sforzesca di enorme interesse. A caratterizzare la collezione museale sono soprattutto gli arazzi fiamminghi che, eseguiti a Bruxelles nel 1520, rappresentano un patrimonio unico in tutto il panorama nazionale per numero di pezzi in fruizione e per l’importanza dell’origine.