guida ufficiale della Provincia di Pavia

Good wine

From a wine point of view the quality and special features of Oltrepò Pavese wine stand out in Italy. The Oltrepò hills are the third largest quality winemaking area in Italy in terms of both hectares of vines registered with the Albo Vigneti (Vineyard Register) after Chianti and Astigiano and hectolitres produced (source: Consorzio Tutela Vini Oltrepò) and Lombardy's largest wine area with 63% cultivated to vine making 55% of the entire region's wine.
Thus with a total of 13,000 hectares of vines enveloping the Oltrepò hills visitors can admire uninterrupted vines, villages and towns in a landscape suffused with the centuries' long winemaking art of these lands with breathtaking views and medieval castles and hermitages, centuries' old churches and traces of local rural and religious history.
The Oltrepò magic takes your breath away with unexpected and pleasant surprises around every bend in the road satisfying the demands of modern wine tourists looking not simply for great wines and local products but also the landscape - both environmental and cultural - in the widest sense which together constitutes the soul and deep roots of the land.