The Lands of Kings

This itinerary will lead you first of all through the sights of Pavia, capital of the Longobard Kingdom, starting with the rediscovery of their art through the utilisation of their monumental materials in later historical periods.

The Wine Valleys

The aim of this itinerary is primarily to take visitors on a journey through the Oltrepò valleys whose wines are so famous.

VALLE VERSA: famous for excellent red and white wines. From Stradella, the town of the accordion, to Montecalvo Versiggia, international capital of Pinot Noir and site of a corkscrew museum to Canevino on the historic San Colombano footpath.

Towards the Upper Oltrepò

As you leave the plains behind you the land rises sharply in rolling hills as far as the mountains and then on to the sea. The Alto Oltrepò area is, in fact, a small area which is accessed at the end of the Staffora valley which the Ardivestra and Nizza valleys join.

Castles and Rice Paddies

This itinerary will lead you through a landscape that tells the story of this territory and the labours of the people who live there. This area is known as the Lomellina, a mosaic of water and land, a smooth, flat surface where, amidst the sixty thousand hectares of rice paddies, the escape routes are the banks, the walkways that skim the water are the boundaries and the bridges.