River navigation

TiPo is an intermodal Bike-Boat project designed by Pavia province to promote use of the Po and Ticino river areas and develop links between these and the Pavia area with its cultural and entertainment initiatives. Six bike routes suitable for all ages have been identified which are designed to be used with a range of transport media, t

Between the Ticino and Po

A 100 km long water themed itinerary taking tourists on a fascinating journey through environmental, historic and cultural heritage.

Spas and Wellness Centres

Pavia province's wealth of water is not limited to the rivers which pass through it but also includes the unequalled hydro-mineral heritage which has led to the creation of four spa complexes taking maximum advantage of the beneficial properties of the water.

The Pavia Lido

It was the Pavia beach par excellence, the Varazze of those who learned to swim in the river when seaside holidays were still not a mass phenomenon in Italy.