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Church Of San Lanfranco

During the middle ages, the abbey of Saint Lanfranco on the Via Francigena was a hospice for travellers and pilgrims. At that time it was dedicated to the tomb of Jesus and often welcomed the bishop of Pavia, Lanfranco Beccari (1124-1198) who was buried here and was already considered a saint. The thirteenth-century façade is decorated with charming ceramic plaques of both local and oriental origin, while the small cloister was built by Giovanni Antonio Amadeo in 1476. The marquis Pietro Pallavicini de’ Scipione commissioned the tomb of Saint Lanfranco and the rebuilding of the presbytery in Renaissance style (1509). In 1525 during the conflict between François I of France and the Emperor Charles V, the monastery was the scene of battles and was damaged by fire.

Via San Lanfranco 4/6 - Pavia