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Church Of Saints Gervasio And Protasio

Probably the first cathedral of Pavia and already mentioned in the year 476, the church of Saints Gervasio and Protasio stood outside the ancient city walls. It is still possible to see traces of the original Romanesque architecture in the bell tower, in some sections of the walls along Via Boezio and in the capitals of the columns. The body of the first bishop of Pavia, Saint Siro, lay in this church for many years and tradition says that he is portrayed in the twelfth-century bas relief in the chapel that bears his name. According to the traditions of Pavia, the first successors to the king Alboino, Clefi (572-574) and Autari (584-590) were buried here. During the drastic eighteenth-century refurbishment the orientation of the church was reversed and the apse now stands to the west, rather than to the east, like other churches in Pavia.

Via Severino Boezio 25 - Pavia