guida ufficiale della Provincia di Pavia

The Salt Route

The Via del Sale - the Salt Route is the same as the Lombard Route as far as Oramala and then continues to Varzi where accommodation is available (from Montesegale to Varzi - 17.4 km). A very steep climb from Varzi takes you to Mt. Chiappo where two unmanned mountain huts are a good staging post (12.5 and 15.3 km from Varzi).

Route Information

Start node infoOramala
End node infoCapanne di Cosola
Total length27.6 km
CategoryHiking, Cycling
Suggested type of bycicleMountain bike
Walk time09:03 (hh:min)
Cycle time02:24 (hh:min)
Uphill1519 m
Downhill728 m
Max height1703 m
Difficulty by footVery hard
Difficulty by cycleVery hard
Coated47 %
Offroad30 %
Mountain track23 %
Cyclability82 %

Available along the Via del Sale

Suggested time

All year long if there is no snow

How to arrive

ARFEA bus lines from Voghera and Milan to Varzi (phone. 0131.225810)

How to get back

Capanne di Cosola has no public transportation