The Salt Route

The Via del Sale - the Salt Route is the same as the Lombard Route as far as Oramala and then continues to Varzi where accommodation is available (from Montesegale to Varzi - 17.4 km). A very steep climb from Varzi takes you to Mt. Chiappo where two unmanned mountain huts are a good staging post (12.5 and 15.3 km from Varzi).

Greenway Voghera-Varzi

The Greenway Voghera-Varzi area encompasses a large section of the Oltrepò Pavese zone which centres on a number of environmentally - the Staffora stream - and infrastructurally - the former Voghera-Varzi railway, its backbone - critical areas along a route which starts at Voghera town and continues to Varzi taking in the whole Alta V

The Lombardy Nesting Colonies

This long route passes through the Lomellina area with the largest concentration of bird nesting colonies, marshy areas where many bird species nest. The circuit can be divided up into stages as preferred as there are many railways lines and stations.

From the hills to the Po River

This long circuit can be divided exactly into two by sleeping over or catching a train in Casteggio. Its landscapes can also be divided into two with the first part in hilly terrain and the second in the Po valley plains. Care should be taken when crossing main roads.

From Voghera to Rocca Susella

After a first section in the plains the circuit starts in Codevilla with the first Oltrepò hills some of which are steep. After climbing up to the summit of Mt. Magrera from Susella, the circuit continues through Nazzano. An alternative is to start directly from Codevilla shortening the route by 26 km.