Good wine

From a wine point of view the quality and special features of Oltrepò Pavese wine stand out in Italy.

Typical products: the Paniere Pavese

The Pavese Breadbasket full of characteristic local products is an umbrella logo which encompasses a series of inclusive characteristics designed to bring all Pavia province's agricultural and agri-food produce into the fold in accordance with the following technical and scientific criteria:

  • they are craft products made by local producers and businesses;

Oltrepò wine

The wine district was set up with the aim of focusing on two wines: Bonarda, Oltrepò Pavese's symbol wine, and Pinot Nero for which the Oltrepò area is the largest production zone in Italy and the second largest in Europe making important DOC and DOCG wines such as Metodo Classico, Cruasè, Metodo Classico Rosè, Metodo Classico Bianco and Pinot Nero in both white and red versions.  

The Rice District

The Rice District