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TiPo is an intermodal Bike-Boat project designed by Pavia province to promote use of the Po and Ticino river areas and develop links between these and the Pavia area with its cultural and entertainment initiatives. Six bike routes suitable for all ages have been identified which are designed to be used with a range of transport media, taking bikes, on some sections, on boats and trains; six itineraries linked to events and guided visits combining the pleasure of a good cycle ride with discovering places of historic and natural world interest. There are also lots of mini cruises along the river available to tourists as an opportunity to admire the historic attractions of the towns along its banks, visit local tradition museums and taste food and wine specialities, the jewel in the Pavia area's crown. Night-time cruises along the rivers linked to medieval history initiatives and events of interest in its towns are also available.

Special rates are offered for day trips on week days for schools, summer centres and Grests. You can also rent boats privately. Calendars of seasonal events are published every spring. In the event of adverse weather or river (dry or over full) conditions we reserve the right to cancel events.

Our call centre can be contacted at all times for information: 0292273118 - Info. also on

Parpanese - Le Gabbiane

River boat trip from Parpanese to Le Gabbiane

Ponte di Spessa - Parpanese

River boat trip from Ponte di Spessa to Parpanese

Ponte della Becca - Ponte di Spessa

River boat trip from Ponte della Becca to Ponte di Spessa

Ponte Coperto - Ponte della Becca

River boat trip from Ponte Coperto to Ponte della Becca