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Around Lomellina

From: Mortara (PV)
To: Mortara (PV)
5 ore
Uphill: 251m

A flat territory like Lomellino puts on full the display the areas important agricultural characteristics, with its uniform yet cultivated landscape.


This area is well known for the cultivation of rice, in fact along this path you will see many rice paddies. After reaching Lomello, you'll find the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of the most excellent examples of Lombard Romanesque.

The itinerary begins and ends in Mortara. Starting from the station of Mortara we head toward Sant'Albino, continuing on the country road alongside the Abbey. The path goes up to Cerniago, and staying on the same country road you'll arrive at San Giorgio di Lomellina. Then you'll arrive at the bridge that introduces you to the centre of Lomello. Go back on the Provincial Road 133 until the crossroad of Cascina Bonaparte, then continue on through the fields where you will arrive at the Castle of Scaldasole. Form the castle, continue for a stretch on the provincial road 16, where you will arrive at Cascina Gorana Nuova. From here, you pass by, in succession, the following towns: Dorno, Garlasco, Tromello and Remondò, until finally arriving in Mortara.

Route details
Distance: 67 km
Difficulty: medium
Road surface: Asphalt and dirt
Difference in Elevation: +137M, - 138m (max gradient: 4.1%, -2.9% average slope: 0.4%, -0.3%)
Altimetric profile: min 80 - max 114
Suitable for: Everyone
Type of bicycle recommended: MTB and hybrid
Average duration: 5h

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