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Between the plains and the hills

From: San Colombano al Lambro (MI)
To: San Colombano al Lambro (MI)
4 ore
Uphill: 310m

A journey to discover the Pavese, a completely flat area except for the short section that is part of the San Colombano al Lambro hill.


The hill, which has an extension of about 14,500 km2, is characterised by wonderful vegetation that makes it a delightful landscape. The quality of its wine was recognised in 1984 with the approval of the Denomination of Controlled Origin San Colombano.

The path begins and ends at the Lambrinia Station. From the station, continue on the embankment of the Lambro river, following the trail that stays on the side of the river Po, up to Zerbo. From here, following the signs for Via Francigena, you'll reach Santa Cristina and Bissone. You'll arrive at the station and then continue to the fields until you get to Miradolo Terme. From here, the secondary path takes up the hill of San Colombano, and then you'll descend until you reach a Stop sign on the Provincial road. Turn right and then take an immediate left towards the castle of Chignolo Po. After going around the castle, take Via Lambrina, which will lead you to the point of departure.


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