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From Milano to Pavia

From: Milano
To: Pavia
1,45 ore
Uphill: 149m

Do not leave Milan without first admiring the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Book in advance, since visits allow only 25 individuals at a time.

This itinerary from Milan to Pavia will allow you to discover the canal known as Naviglio Pavese, which makes part of a system of canals built between the XIIth and XIX centuries with the purpose of increasing the land's fertility. You will be pleasantly surprised once you notice how easy is to immerse yourselves in a rural landscape among orchards and cultivated fews, by going to the city outskirts.
Pedal camly along the canal's towpath while going downhill with only the wind caressing your face and the view of the local landscape. You may stumble upon canal locks from time to time. They used to assist ships to go up the Naviglio's slopes in order to transport goods through the Po towards Milan.

You can notice the Visconti Castle of Binasco looming at your right side, why not take a brief detour and pay it a visit?
Do not miss the Certosa of Pavia, a monumental complex that includes a cistercian monastery and a sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary plus its cloisters, offering an interesting perspective of the church.
Just a few more kilometers and you will arrive to Pavia.

Route details
Roadbed: 90% asphalt, 10% dirtroad
Total elevation: none
Difficulty level: for everyone

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