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From Pavia to Abbiategrasso

From: Pavia
To: Abbiategrasso
2,30 ore
Uphill: 395m

Cross the unique old bridge or Ponte Coperto in order to get out of the city. You will go near and far the curves of the Ticino river as you keep pedaling along the curves of the Lomellina.

It is time to cross the river on a pontoon bridge. Ships allow it to rise or lower itself according to the stream's water levels. The naviglio will guide you on your way as soon as you arrive to Bereguardo. It was once used to sail, yet nowadays it is essential for field irrigation. Go on amid farmhouses and canal locks necessary to go up the watercourse's elevation, while following the road along the naviglio.This itinerary makes a necessary detour that will take you to the Abbey of Morimondo, a splendid example of cistercian architecture.

Shortly after that you will arrive to Abbiategrasso. Its name derives from the native celtic people o Gens Abia, who later became latinized. The title of grassus was used to highlight the zone's fertility, which you can experience first hand when you pass through its cultivated fields. Take a walk at the historic center, full of interesting buildings like the Visconti Castle, perfect for taking a break after a day of pedaling.

Route details
Roadbed: asphalt
Total elevation: 70 meters
Difficulty level: for everyone

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