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10 good reasons visit Pavia

We would like to give you 10 good reasons to visit Pavia. Whether it is for its large monuments or unspoiled nature, there is something for everybody! Browse the following gallery and check every reason to come here. 

This territory boasts over 80 thousand acres of rice paddies. It is also perfect for a slow walk or bike ride between its meadows along numerous paths that traverse its beautiful landscape. The Via Francigena is but one example of these. 

Religious tourism finds its place in this wonderful land, the XVth century Cathedral harboring the holy relics of the Spiked Crown of Christ, or the Certosa with its precious facade. 

The Old Bridge or Ponte Coperto is a symbol of this city. It stands above the Ticino river and displays a commemorative plaque in honor of the 50th anniversary of Albert Einstein's demise, since he lived in this province for a while. 

Its university is the oldest one in Europe, plus there are several museums that will delight culture enthusiasts. See the ones of Natural History, Electricity and Mineralogy or the Botanical Gardens. Vigevano proposes a particular footwear exhibition encompassing various eras and cultures.

Don't forget to book a seat at the Fraschini Theater and go by the Wine and Flavor trails of the Oltrepò

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10 good reasons visit Pavia

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