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Italy's Most Beautiful Towns in Oltrepò

Did you know that the Oltrepò pavese area is famous not only because of its wines? 

Wine cellar visits can be associated with tours along Italy's most beautiful towns.

Seeing is believing by visiting Fortunago, a small quiet town that may not have particular artistic or architectural attractions, but it offers an atmosphere that brings back the charm of past eras.

It is easy to fall in love with this town: just take a walk along porphyry roads that climb into the hills, flanked by stone-wall houses with wooden doors and window frames.

It is a small ancient world that inspires an inclination for good living, with its more relaxed pace and genuine flavors. Some of which are the Varzi salami and the malfatti pasta with herbs, to be paired with a glass of good red wine.

The town of Zavattarelllo is not very far from there. It is one of the oldest ones in the Oltrepò. 

Its name is derived from the ancient common Latin word "savattarellum", which means "place where slippers are made". This gives you an idea of the crafts that were done here.

Ancient walls still encircle it, displaying a stone castle that harbors a modern art museum, open every sunday while it provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside.

Porana is part of Pizzale, gorgeous town surrounded by Pavia's greenery attached to the Church of San Crispino. A fascinating structure that includes as well Villa Meroni, the park and an Italian garden.

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Italy's Most Beautiful Towns in Oltrepò

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